Episode #2: Welcome to Club 299 – My Autism Diagnosis

Special Needs Kids Are People Too! Podcast with Amy Bodkin, EdS - Episode #2: Welcome to Club 299 - My Autistic Diagnosis

Episode 2: Welcome to Club 299 - My Autism Diagnosis

I did not receive my Autism diagnosis until my children were being diagnosed, and it took me a while to be ready to receive those diagnoses. When we did finally receive those diagnoses, we had a lot of challenges to work through—from finding the right supports for my youngest, who was also Hyperlexic, to addressing the health challenges that resulted from chronic masking and unaddressed mental health issues.

Be sure to listen to the previous episode in which I talk about my autistic childhood. You can listen to that episode here:

Episode #1: My Autistic Childhood

I hope you had fun listening to today’s episode and gained some new insights into the wonderful variety of people in our world! 

And remember, Special Needs Kids are People Too!

Amy Bodkin, EdS

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