Internet Safety for Teens - Special Needs Kids Are People Too! Podcast

Episode 22: Internet Safety for Teens Join me today as my daughter, Jessica, and I talk about the importance of internet safety, including some of the measures we have put in place over the years to protect them. Spoiler! It has not included software or guardian tech! It has mostly depended on building and maintaining a trusting relationship with our children and using that as a place to build online relationship skills. Like so many things in life, learning to communicate safely online is something that you learn as you go with the support of people who love you most! Listen Here: Show Notes: SpecialRead More →

Profiles in Personhood - Meet Austin!

Episode 21: Profiles in Personhood Meet Austin! Join me for another episode of our series: Profiles in Personhood! Today you will get to meet my son, Austin, and learn a little more about what is important to him! Get ready to laugh along with us as we talk about Hyperlexia, NonVerbal Learning Disability, classic video games, music, and humor! And we get to hear Austin do some of his voice impressions for us!! Listen Here: Show Notes: Special Needs Homeschooling Membership with Amy Bodkin, EdS When Babies Read by Audra Jensen Building Narration Skills One Picture at a Time: Online Course by  Lynne Moore NonVerbalRead More →