Neurodivergent ABA Therapist - Episode 29 of the Special Needs Kids Are People Too Podcast with Amy Bodkin

Neurodivergent ABA Therapist Today I talked with Julie Angstadt, Owner of Hummingbird ABA Therapy, about how, as a Neurodivergent person, she created Hummingbird ABA Therapy Center to support children in the development of self-advocacy skills and partner with kids to help them learn things that are of interest to them! Listen Here: Show Notes: Hummingbird ABA Therapy Center I hope you enjoyed listening to today’s episode and gained some new insights into the wonderful variety of people in our world! And remember, Special Needs Kids are People Too! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Print <<< Back to the Main Podcast PageRead More →

Sex Education, ABA, and Autism – How We Can Do Better

Episode 20: Sex Education, ABA, and Autism How We Can Do Better My guest today is Madison Holcomb, an Autistic adult whose work focuses on offering an Autistic perspective to families and professionals. Madison was a recent guest speaker at SEXABA, a conference focused on the importance of thinking ahead to the needs of not only the child but also the adult the child will become! This must include giving thought to sex education. Oftentimes we think of sex education as this “big thing.” But in reality, sex education is often just taking ideas experienced in other platonic relationships and generalizing those ideas to aRead More →

Episode 17: The Importance of Perspective Welcome to episode #17 of Special Needs Kids are People Too! Often the perspectives of Autistic individuals (or individuals with other types of diagnoses) are not taken into consideration because their perspective is not well known. This time of year there are many holidays that expose us to a perspective that also may not be well known to us. With Thanksgiving being last week, Hanukkah being this week, and Christmas coming in a few weeks, I thought it was a great opportunity to have a conversation about the importance of continuing to participate in the great adventure of learningRead More →

Episode 16: What About ABA? of the Special Needs Kids Are People Too! Podcast with Amy Bodkin, EdS

Episode 16: WHat About ABA? Welcome to episode #16 of Special Needs Kids are People Too! ABA has been under fire from Autistic adults because the bodies that govern the field of ABA are not living up to their sacred responsibility to protect children from unethical treatment. So what do we do with ABA? Do we advocate that every child receive ABA? Or do we say ABA is evil and should be banned? Or is there a more nuanced approach? I believe there is!! Join me today as we dive into what the REAL root issue is and how the educational philosophy of Charlotte MasonRead More →

Episode #6: What It Means to "Do No Harm" - Toward ABA Reform

Episode #6: What It Means to “Do No Harm”Toward ABA Reform Welcome to episode #6 of Special Needs Kids are People Too! I am planting my flag on the side of ABA Reform with this episode. It’s the release of the highlights reel from our ABAI symposium, Toward Applied Behavior Analysis Reform: What It Means to “Do No Harm.”  ABAI 2021 Convention Symposium“Toward Applied Behavior Analysis: What It Means to “Do No Harm” Generally speaking, people don’t go into a service profession hoping to hurt other people, but we do need to constantly be checking ourselves. When we look back over the long history ofRead More →