Episode #17: The Importance of Perspective

Episode 17: The Importance of Perspective

Welcome to episode #17 of Special Needs Kids are People Too!

Often the perspectives of Autistic individuals (or individuals with other types of diagnoses) are not taken into consideration because their perspective is not well known.

This time of year there are many holidays that expose us to a perspective that also may not be well known to us. With Thanksgiving being last week, Hanukkah being this week, and Christmas coming in a few weeks, I thought it was a great opportunity to have a conversation about the importance of continuing to participate in the great adventure of learning more about our differences.

It is also an opportunity to help our children learn in our global age to not be threatened or dimenished by differences but to rather allow those experiences with differences to enlarge us.

Listen Here:

Show Notes:

I hope you enjoyed listening to today’s episode and gained some new insights into the wonderful variety of people in our world! 

And remember, Special Needs Kids are People Too!

Amy Bodkin, EdS

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