Does your student struggle with reading or spelling?

This BOOST PACKET shows you step-by-step how to address Dyslexia and other processing issues regarding letter recognition, spelling, and reading.

Reading and Spelling Skills: Help for Dyslexia
Curriculum Boost Packet

Developed by:

  • Amy Bodkin, Special Needs Consultant
  • Lynne Moore, tutor specializing in Dyslexia and Hyperlexia

The curriculum will help students with dyslexia, as well as any student who is struggling with reading and spelling. We will show you how to use interactive gameplay and other methods to improve your student’s reading and spelling. These strategies are shown to increase success in both reading and spelling. We will also show you how to engage the interest of students at multiple ages and levels.

– Amy & Lynne


Previously only available at A Charlotte Mason Plenary as the “Building Reading and Spelling Skills Blueprint.” Now available with a new look here at ABC! Online companion course also available at A Charlotte Mason Plenary!

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