Joining my Special Needs Membership Group will help you homeschool your special needs child from a developmental perspective instead of a grade perspective.

It will help you evaluate where your child is and what the next step is; not where he “should be.”

I will help you consider the needs of your child, and the needs of your family, as well as consider your needs as the teacher and parent.

I know you desperately want to give your child an education perfectly fitted to his needs, but sometimes you just don’t know where to start, or how to help him take the next step, and are afraid you might leave out a crucial component.

I can help.

Special Needs Membership at Amy Bodkin Consulting

Find encouragement in the Special Needs Membership.
It’s like a virtual group hug!

Your Special Needs Membership Includes

Weekly Zoom Meetings for Parents

Get your questions answered during Office Hours

Minecraft fun for kids every week!

Free Developmental and Achievement Tests

Plus more! Here’s the full list of benefits with your Special Needs Membership:

  • Free Developmental and Achievement Tests once per year.
  • Weekly Meetings for parents where we discuss books and have special guests.
  • Weekly Family Show & Tell! We’ll have a group video chat every week for the whole family where everyone can hang out, get to know each other through fun activities, and have a “Show & Tell” for kiddos and parents!
  • Weekly Minecraft Hour for Kiddos! Kids in the Membership get to play Minecraft together on a private server once a week with me and all the other kids in the group. It’s so much fun and it provides opportunities for positive social interaction and teamwork! 
  • Office Hours: Advice on all things Special Needs – whether it’s autism, dyslexia, giftedness, a learning disability, genetic anomalies, trauma, or other circumstance, you’ll get my input as well as advice from other special needs moms. It’s kinda like an ongoing GROUP Consultation!
  • Membership to a private forum where you can have more privacy to chat with me and other parents about homeschooling with special needs. Your privacy is our utmost concern!
  • Additional private forum area for Current and past Consultation clients to get more personalized support from me. An additional private forum area* for children of clients to meet other kiddos just like them!
    (*Forum is parent-moderated) 
  • Access to past Membership meetings, book clubs, and guest speakers via Members-Only courses. 
  • 10% discount on all products in the ABC Shop!


Amy is a breath of fresh air! She understands the public education system, yet with her background in neuropsychology is able to truly understand the child. Because of her background in public education, she understands the pain of trying to utilize the public education system to help your child.

She confirmed everything I had researched about the brain and learning and gave me more information I was not aware of. She was the first professional that TRULY understood my child, my situation and how to help us PRACTICALLY.

I wish I could give her 100 stars!

– Danielle, Special Needs Homeschooling Mom


I have been consulting privately with Special Needs families for more than 15 years.

I bring my experience as a School Psychologist, Autistic individual, and parent of two Autistic kids to the homeschool community in hopes of helping more families find joy in their educational journey.

Professionally, personally, and as a parent, I have a significant amount of experience with Autism and all the many processing and learning disabilities that can go with Autism.

All of these different angles of experience give me a very unique perspective and insight into homeschooling students with varying needs.

My credentials include the following:

  • Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Neuropsychology
  • Master’s in Educational Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology
  • Minor in Mathematics
  • Autistic adult
  • Homeschooling mom to two Autistic kiddos

You can read more about me and my family here.

Amy and Family


Unschooling, Eclectic, Charlotte Mason, etc? I can help you no matter what method you follow. I have worked with families from all backgrounds.

I have personally chosen the Charlotte Mason philosophy to homeschool my own children because it is the way I wish I, as an Autistic child, had been educated.

Recognizing early on that my children were also Autistic, I knew a Charlotte Mason education would be a perfect fit for many different reasons.

But the primary reason is that Charlotte Mason advocated that “Children are born persons.”

Too often children with different needs are viewed as “less than” because of those differences. The Charlotte Mason philosophy puts respect for their personhood at the foundation of their education. 

Professionally, personally, and as a parent, I have a significant amount of experience with Autism and all the many processing and learning disabilities that can go with Autism.

All of these different angles of experience give me a very unique perspective and insight into homeschooling students with varying needs.

Our Special Needs Membership will respect your child’s personhood, abilities, and will see your child as a whole person

Join us today!

I look forward to helping you homeschool with special needs.


In order to provide a secure online space, the private Forum area has extra security features to protect your family. When you join the Special Needs Membership, you will be asked to fill out a Registration Form.


Membership subscription payments will be charged on a pre-pay basis on the day you sign up and will cover the use of that service for a monthly or annual subscription period as indicated and will automatically renew before the end of the applicable subscription period. Payments are not refundable but you can cancel your Membership Subscription at any time through your ABC Account.


Monthly, Annual

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  1. Cynthia Farrer (verified owner)

    This group has more fun than any other homeschool group on the internet! I love being able to connect to other special needs families, who understand our family’s struggles and share our triumphs. If you are on the fence about joining – give it a shot! You won’t regret it!

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