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Amy and Family


I have been consulting privately with Special Needs families for more than 15 years.

I bring my experience as a School Psychologist, Autistic individual, and parent of two Autistic kids in hopes of helping more professionals see the possibilities in their clients.

Professionally and personally, I have a significant amount of experience with Autism and all the many processing and learning disabilities that can go with Autism.

But I also have professional experience with a wide range of diagnoses outside of my personal experience. 

All of these different angles of experience give me a very unique perspective and insight into students with varying needs.

My credentials include the following:

  • Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.S.) in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Neuropsychology
  • Master’s in Educational Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology
  • Minor in Mathematics
  • Autistic adult
  • Homeschooling mom to two Autistic kiddos

You can read more about me and my family here.

Talk with Amy! A Private Conversation through a Neurodiverse Lens




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