A curriculum guide designed for neurodivergent students

Homeschooling can be time-consuming and expensive – especially if you have any special needs in your homeschool – but it doesn’t have to be!

This Bundle is designed to help you plan a homeschool curriculum that works for ALL students!

Instead of buying pre-packaged “Special Needs Curriculum” for hundreds of dollars each year, this bundle allows you to homeschool from PreK through Grade 12 for a reasonable expense.

For example, a comparable (popular and well-known) pre-packaged Special Needs curriculum costs $8,750 over the course of a child’s entire education.

ABC paired with A Charlotte Mason Plenary to develop this bundle to fit the needs of neurodiverse students.

The information in this bundle allows you to customize your child’s education to perfectly fit their needs.

It can also be used to homeschool ALL of your children, whether they have special needs or not!

And if you need more help with PLANNING your homeschool, these are the same materials recommended in our POD Packet: Planning, Organizing, and Documenting Your Homeschool, which also comes with video tutorials on how to plan, organize, document, and more.

The Homeschool Curriculum Guide bundle

The Homeschool Curriculum Guide Bundle includes: 

  • Developmental Form Guide
  • Form 0 Guide
  • Form 1 Guide
  • Form 2 Guide
  • BONUS: Editable Excel spreadsheet for those who want to create a customized schedule

And if you prefer, you can purchase each Guide in this bundle separately at A Charlotte Mason Plenary.

Developmental Form Guide

Tired of trying to guess where to place your child?

The Developmental Form Guide has everything you need to assess your child’s skills and place him in the correct level so that you can meet your child where he is developmentally, take the next appropriate steps in building his skills, and create those calm and easy days you both want.

The Developmental Guide includes detailed information on all the developmental skills from ages 2 through 14.

Written by Amy Bodkin, EdS

Form 0 Guide

Developmental Level: Beginning language skills

Curriculum Guide includes play-based activities to facilitate learning in an intentional, yet gentle, way.

Written by A Charlotte Mason Plenary

Form 1 Guide

Developmental Level: Learning to read fluently

Students begin formal studies in a gentle way that encourages continued curiosity about the world around them.

Written by A Charlotte Mason Plenary

Form 2 Guide

Developmental Level: For students who are ready to begin expressing their own ideas through text.

Once your student is reading fluently, Form 2 encourages independence and continued exploration of the world.

Written by A Charlotte Mason Plenary

The ABC Curriculum Guide Bundle is ALL YOU NEED to homeschool your child from PreK – Grade 12!

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I look forward to helping you see the possibilities.


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