Episode #15: What Inclusion Really Means

Episode 15: What Inclusion Really Means - Special Needs Kids Are People Too! Podcast with Amy Bodkin, EdS

Episode 15: What Inclusion Really Means

Welcome to episode #15 of Special Needs Kids are People Too!

Real inclusion is all about connection! It’s not about having everyone in the classroom doing the exact same work. It’s about helping everyone find the way that they can connect with the topic of the day best!

In this episode, I talk about how I manage this in my online classes where I teach Woodworking and Family Yoga through The Charlotte Mason Co-op (see all my online classes here)!

But really, it just comes down to treating kids with respect as persons (just like you) and “minding your own mat” to allow children to work where they are at.

Join me as we talk about providing “wiggle room” so kids can connect in a way that is valuable to them!

Listen Here:

I hope you enjoyed listening to today’s episode and gained some new insights into the wonderful variety of people in our world! 

And remember, Special Needs Kids are People Too!

Amy Bodkin, EdS

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